Welcome to the History of Massachusetts blog! This site is packed full of information about Massachusetts history.

The History of Massachusetts aims to give readers in-depth, detailed and hard-to-find historical information on centuries of Massachusetts history, starting in the 17th century and ending in the present day.

This blog brings you topics and info you can’t find anywhere else. It focuses heavily on firsthand accounts, quotes and reports from the original sources to give readers a better understanding of what really happened.

Many historical facts are often lost or distorted over time, so the History of Massachusetts vows to clear up any misinformation or myths.

The blog articles cover everything from the state’s early history, when only Native-Americans, traders and early explorers occupied the land, to modern times.

In doing so, the blog explores how Massachusetts has slowly evolved over time from a small British colony to what it is today and how it has overcome wars, mass hysteria, a revolution and economic struggles along the way.

To get you started, here’s a list of History of Massachusetts 10 most recent posts:

Abigail Williams: The Mysterious Afflicted Girl
Elizabeth Howe: Innocent Mother or Horse Witch?
Reverend Samuel Parris: Was He to Blame for the Salem Witch Trials?
Martha Corey: Gospel Woman or Gospel Witch?
The Salem Witch Trials Victims: Who Were They?
Ann Putnam, Jr: Villain or Victim?
Reverend John Cotton: Puritan Reformist
Anne Hutchinson: Religious Rebel
History of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
The Sons of Liberty: Who Were They and What Did They Do?


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  1. Was anyone living in Massachusetts in 1577? I have some genealogy here that says one of my ancestors was born in 1577 in Scituate, MA. Is that possible???

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