Notes on the Lincoln Families of Massachusetts by Solomon Lincoln

3 thoughts on “Notes on the Lincoln Families of Massachusetts by Solomon Lincoln

  1. Victoria Taylor

    On my mother’s side of the family, we are one of the Lincoln familieswho settled in Hingham, Mass. from England. My grandfather, Freeman Lincoln, a writer, was once presented with a family tree, indicating we were indirect descendants of Abraham Lincoln. While I do not have that family tree in my possession, it is plausible that we are related.

    How would one go about doing research on this, and what are your thoughts?

    Thank you.

    Victoria Taylor

    1. Rebecca Beatrice Brooks Post author

      The first thing I would do is try to get a copy of the family tree somehow. Even if it’s just a photo of the tree or just a list of the names and dates on the tree. You can also research your family yourself on or any of the other genealogy sites starting with your parents and working your way backwards. You can also hire a professional genealogist to do this for you too.

    2. Eileen McIntyre

      Victoria, My husband had a similar situation and I was able to find the path to Abraham Lincoln through the records available on I first had to carefully trace a branch of my husband’s family from the 20th century in Missouri back to Samuel Lincoln in Hingham in the 17th century (this part can take some time), and then follow what is now a well-trodden genealogical path from Samuel to Abraham. Even though the “link” for my husband is only by marriage (my husband’s late aunt had married a Lincoln in Missouri) it was very satisfying for my husband to discover that his older (and now long-deceased) cousin’s claim years ago that he was related to Abraham was correct. (They were in fact distant cousins.) By the way—my husband also has a Taylor branch as well, and that has proven to have some quite rich history—I have now confirmed that both President Zachary Taylor and President James Madison are his cousins by way of the Taylor branch. Good luck with your research!


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