Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: Coupons & Discount Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to the Boston Tea Party Museum you can save some money on tickets with coupons and discount tickets.

Tickets to the Boston Tea Party Museum cost $29.95 for adults and $18 for children. That’s a bit pricey for a museum and if you’re going with a group or large family it can quickly add up.

Why not save yourself some money by taking advantage of some of the many discounts available? The following is a list of ways to save money on Boston Tea Party Museum tickets with coupons and discounts:

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Trusted Tours and Attractions:

Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discount tickets to the Boston Tea Party Museum. The discounts are available for adults, children, seniors, students and members of the military.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum in Boston Harbor

In addition to discounted tickets, Trusted Tours and Attractions also offers two packages specifically for people who want to see the many Boston Tea Party related sites in the city for one flat rate: The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and Old South Meeting House package and Old Town Trolley and Boston Tea Party Package.

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and Old South Meeting House package allows you to visit both attractions for one flat price. This package is a great deal if you are truly interested in learning more about the Boston Tea Party because while the Boston Tea Party took place at a wharf near where the museum is located, it first began at a meeting at the Old South Meeting House.

The Old South Meeting House has a number of artifacts related to the event, which includes tea salvaged from Boston harbor. Combined with the Robinson Tea Chest at the Boston Tea Party museum, this package gives visitors a comprehensive and in-depth look at the artifacts and historic locations of the Boston Tea Party.

The Old Town Trolley and Boston Tea Party Package allows visitors to visit the Boston Tea Party Museum and to ride the Old Town Trolley, which is a one hour and 45 minute narrated tour around the city, and provides free admission to the Old State House Museum and a free 45-minute harbor cruise.

This package is a great deal because you not only get to explore these great Boston history museums but you also get to see Boston’s historic sites with the trolley and the harbor cruise.

In addition, the Old Town Trolley also serves as a hop on hop off shuttle service that will bring you directly to all of these attractions so it also saves you time and money on transportation.

Boston Hometown Pass:

The Hometown Pass Program allows some Massachusetts residents to buy one full fare adult ticket for the Boston Tea Party Museum and get another one free.

The full fare ticket must be purchased at a Historic Tours of America ticket booth or by calling the tour company directly at 855-396-7433. Tickets must not be purchased online and many not be purchased using any discounts or coupons.

The pass also allows you to buy one full fare ticket ticket for the Old Town Trolley and get another one free.

To see if you are eligible for a Boston Hometown Pass, sign up here:

“Boston Discount Attractions.” Boston on a Budget,

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Coupons & Discount Tickets

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