Salem Witch Museum: Coupons & Discount Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to the Salem Witch Museum you can save some money on tickets with coupons and discount tickets.

Tickets to the Salem Witch Museum are pretty reasonably priced but if you’re going with a group or large family though, it can quickly add up. Why not save yourself some cash by taking advantage of some of the many discounts available?

Note: If you are visiting in October, the museum is very busy that month and the tours often sell out so the following coupons, passes, discount tickets and etc. can not guarantee admission.

The following is a list of ways to save money on Salem Witch Museum tickets with coupons and discounts:

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Go Boston Pass:

The Go Boston Pass gives you admission to the Salem Witch Trials Museum and other attractions for a flat price. There are three different passes available on the Go Boston Pass: The All-inclusive Pass, the Explorer Pass, and the Build Your Own pass.

All-Inclusive Pass gives you admission to the Salem Witch Museum as well as to over 41 other attractions in Boston, Salem, Concord, Lexington, Cape Cod, Plymouth and etc. for one flat price.

Salem Witch Museum, Salem, Mass, circa Nov 2015. Photo Credit: Rebecca Brooks

Salem Witch Museum, Salem, Mass, circa Nov 2015. Photo Credit: Rebecca Brooks

This pass is mostly useful if you are planning on visiting more than five attractions in one day or if you get the two or three day pass and visit several attractions over several days.

Only three attractions in Salem are available with the All-Inclusive Pass and they include the Peabody Essex Museum, the House of Seven Gables and the Salem Witch Museum.

The Explorer Pass gives you admission to either 3, 4 or 5 attractions of your choosing for one flat price.  Only two attractions in Salem are available with the Explorer Pass and they are the Salem Witch Museum and the Peabody Essex Museum.

The Build Your Own Pass gives you admission to however many attractions you choose for one flat price. Only two attractions in Salem are available with the Build Your Own Pass and they are the Salem Witch Museum and the Peabody Essex Museum.

Purchasing the Go Boston Pass for the Salem attractions alone wouldn’t be worth it because it would be more expensive than the attractions themselves. It would only really be worth it if you used it to see the Salem attractions as well as the attractions in the other cities and towns.

American Federation of Teachers Discount:

Teachers who are members of the American Federation of Teachers are eligible for free admission to the Salem Witch Museum if they show their membership card at the door.

Not only does the membership card give members free admission there, members can also get free or discounted tickets to a handful of other educational attractions in Massachusetts.

Free Tickets for Salem Residents:

The Salem Witch Museum offers free admission to residents of Salem. According to the Salem Witch Museum’s website, the museum began offering free admission to Salem residents starting in 2010 in an effort to make itself more accessible to the local community.

The museum’s website doesn’t say what type of proof is required, if any, but a simple driver’s license or identification with an address on it will probably do just fine.

Discount Passes at Participating Libraries:

If you have a library card at the following libraries you can sign out discounted passes to the Salem Witch Museum there. The amount of the discount varies by library as does the availability. Check with the library ahead of time for available dates.

Participating Libraries:

Agawam Public Library in Agawam, Massachusetts
Ashby Library in Ashby, Massachusetts
Cumberland Public Library in Cumberland, Rhode Island
Dartmouth Public Library in Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Flint Public Library in Middleton, Massachusetts
George Hail Library in Warren, Rhode Island
Mansfield Public Library in Mansfield, Massachusetts
Norton Public Library in Norton, Massachusetts
Plainville Public Library in Plainville, Massachusetts
Phinehas S. Newton Library in Royalston, Massachusetts
Palmer Public Library in Palmer, Massachusetts
Randall Library in Randall, Massachusetts
Reading Public Library in Reading, Massachusetts
Salem Public Library in Salem, Massachusetts
Somerset Public Library in Somerset, Massachusetts
Southborough Library in Southborough, Massachusetts
Stoughton Public Library in Stoughton, Massachusetts
Stoneham Public Library in Stoneham, Massachusetts
Topsfield Town Library in Topsfield, Massachusetts
Watertown Public Library in Watertown, Massachusetts
Weston Public Library in Weston, Massachusetts

In addition to all these savings, when you buy a ticket for the Salem Witch Museum you also get a flyer that gives you discounts at almost 20 other attractions, restaurants and etc. in and around Salem, including the Salem Witch House.

So not only do you save money at the museum, but you save money all over town. This makes the price of the ticket a steal.

Salem Witch Museum Sticker and Flyer

Salem Witch Museum Sticker and Flyer

If you buy a ticket online or get a museum pass at a library, to get this discount flyer all you have to do is go to the front counter at the museum to check in (which you have to do anyway to get your admission sticker) and there they will give you the discount flyer and your timed admission sticker. You can than use this flyer at the listed locations to take advantage of the discounts.

Ticket Prices and Hours:
Address: Salem Witch Museum, 19 ½ N Washington Square, Salem, Mass

General Information on the GoBoston Card. GoBoston,

Salem Witch Museum Coupons & Discount Tickets

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  1. Amanda Diaz

    My name is Amanda and I am homeschooling five children ages 9-16 yrs old. I am hoping to take the children and one other adult (7 of us totaled) to a field trip that would be a great addition to our study. Could I get a teacher discount? How much would it be? What should I expect?
    We are interested in the package of new England pirate museum, witch history, and witch dungeon museum
    Could we purchase tickets in advance?

    1. Rebecca Beatrice Brooks Post author

      Hi Amanda, just an fyi, the Witch History Museum is totally different from the Salem Witch Museum. It’s run by a different company and is in a different part of town.I think they named it that on purpose to confuse people. I’ve never been to the New England Pirate Museum, the Witch History Museum or the Witch Dungeon Museum so I can’t vouch for them or tell you what to expect. There is a discounted combo ticket for those three museums but you can only buy them in person at the museum.

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