Timeline of the American Revolution

The American Revolution primarily took place between 1775 and 1783 but there were many important events that lead up to it as well as a few that followed.

Here are the events of the American Revolution as they happened:

The French and Indian War

October 1763:
♠ The Proclamation of 1763

March 1765:
The Stamp Act
♠ The Quartering Act of 1765

March 1766:
♠ The Stamp Act repealed
♠ The Declaratory Act

June 1767:
♠ The Townshend Revenue Act

October 1768:
♠ British troops arrive in Boston to enforce customs laws

March 1770:
The Boston Massacre

June 1772:
♠ The Gaspee Affair

May 1773:
♠ The Tea Act

December 1773:
The Boston Tea Party

March 1774:
♠ Boston Port Act, part of the “Intolerable Acts”

May 1774:
♠ Administration of Justice Act, part of the “Intolerable Acts”
♠ Massachusetts Government Act, part of the “Intolerable Acts”

June 1774:
♠ Quartering Act of 1774, part of the “Intolerable Acts”
♠ Quebec Act, part of the “Intolerable Acts”

April 1775:
♠ The rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes
♠ The Battle of Lexington
♠ “The shot heard ’round the world” takes place at the Battle of Concord.
♠ The Siege of Boston begins

June 1775:
♠ The British win the Battle of Bunker Hill

July 1775
♠ The Continental Congress adopts the Olive Branch Petition

September 1775
♠ King George III rejects the Olive Branch Petition proposed by the Continental Congress

January 1776:
♠ Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” published

March 1776:
♠ The British evacuate Boston, bringing the Siege of Boston to an end

July 1776:
♠ Declaration of Independence ratified by Congress

August 1776:
♠ The British defeat the Americans in the Battle of Long Island

September 1776:
♠ The British occupy New York City

December 1776:
♠ Washington crosses the Delaware and captures Trenton from Hessians

January 1777:
♠ The Americans win the Battle of Princeton

July 1777:
♠ The Americans lose Fort Ticonderoga to the British
♠ Marquis De Lafayette arrives in Philadelphia

September 1777:
♠ The British win the Battle of Brandywine

October 1777:
♠ The British win the Battle of Germantown
♠ The British occupy Philadelphia
♠ Americans capture Burgoyne and his army at Saratoga, NY

November 1777:
♠ The British capture Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania

December 1777:
♠ Washington’s army spends winter at Valley Forge

February 1778:
♠ The United States and France sign the French Alliance

June 1778:
♠ The British abandon Philadelphia and return to New York

June 1779:
♠ Spain declares war on Great Britain

May 1780:
♠ British troops capture Charleston, SC

October 1781:
♠ American and French troops win the Battle of Yorktown against the British

December 1782:
♠ British troops leave Charleston, SC

September 1783:
♠ The United States and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Paris

November 1783:
♠ British troops leave New York City

December 1783:
♠ George Washington resigns as Commander and returns to private life

August 1786 – January 1787:
♠ Shay’s rebellion squashed by state militia

September 1787:
♠ U.S. Constitution signed

June 1788:
♠ U.S. Constitution adopted after New Hampshire ratifies it

December 1791:
♠ United States Bill of Rights ratified

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One thought on “Timeline of the American Revolution

  1. Artur Vrekaj

    Mrs. Rebecca,
    I like the good work to tell the facts of the American Revolution.
    The Worcester , MA Revolution of 1774 should be dated on the timeline of the American Revolution and underlined for the ” Revolution Day” like it was celebrated on September 6th till 1820.
    The Worcester Revolution 1774 started the road to a new government and the Independence from UK for the first time when ended up the British rule in the province of Massachusetts without blood.


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